Creative Video Packages

The final result of any video project requires 3 things to produce a quality finished result.

I.       A great script & video direction

II.     Effective visual content

III.   Compelling audio

The following video packages allow you to control the price and the quality of the video that you want for your business or project.

I. Script Writing & Video Production Directions

Do It Yourself                                      FREE
Moderate Level                                   $150 (videos under 2 minutes)
Corporate Level                                  $250 (videos under 2 minutes)

II. Visual Content Options

Custom white board animation video

  • Using existing library (10,000 + images)     $30/10 seconds
  • Using custom imagery (Higher Quality)       $60/10 seconds
  • Addition of a specific hand drawn Image     $50/image
  • Hand-drawn on real white board                   $100/10 seconds
    (Videos over 60 seconds, 20% discount on rates)

Explainer Video (Coming Soon)
Stick Man Animation Video (Coming Soon)

III. Compelling Audio

Voice Narration

Do It Yourself (provide audio)                         Free
1 X Actor (Male or female)                              $20/50 words ($10/additional version)
Background Music (3 researched options)       $40.00


Standard Delivery is in 14 days
For Expedited Delivery in 5 days (Add 50% to price)
For Expedited Delivery in 72 hours (Double price)*

60 Second Whiteboard Animation Package:
Done-for-you script writing (2 revisions)
White board animation with 1 X custom image (1 set of revisions)
Professional Voice Over + Music
Delivery: 14 Days
Investment: $400 (17% Saving)