Draw a Crowd by Boldly Proclaiming What You’re Against

May 18, 2011Leave a reply

“Few ads are written to persuade. Most ads are written ‘not to offend.'” –Roy H. Williams

It’s a fatal mistake in business to try to be all things to all people. Bland mission statements and ads are the result of companies describing solely what they stand for.

“High quality. Fair prices. Honesty. Blah. Blah. Blah.”

If you really want to make a splash and explode your sales, you must also clearly articulate what you’re against, what you don’t do, what you exclude. For example:

Yes, a bold stand will offend people and create enemies. But it will also create a loyal tribe, from which will flow greater profits.

Not taking a stand against anything is the surest guarantee that no one will care about what you offer. You may not have any enemies, but you won’t have any customers, either.

If you truly have a remarkable product and you articulate that product clearly, by default you will have detractors.

Check out this excellent example from Smart Cars:

Yeah, they’re going to be vilified by their enemies. But their fans will come running.

Taking a bold stance against something builds a tribe. It makes your tribe members want to wear your product like a badge.

The bulk of our purchases are made to define ourselves to the world. Being remarkable with an exclusive stand gives your fans something to rave about because, by doing so, they define themselves.

Plant your flag. Draw your line in the sand. Ruffle some feathers. Stand out in a crowd.

It’s the best way to draw your own crowd.

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