The Sneaky, Behind-the-Scenes Technique for Getting Into Your Customers’ Heads

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In this post we taught that you have to get inside your customers’ heads to meet their needs and solve their problems, rather than talking about what’s important to you.

Question is, how to do that?

Keyword Research: Your Key to Relevance

Simple: You perform keyword research to figure out what they search for on search engines to find your product or service.

Keyword research helps you cater your blog articles and website messages to be as relevant as possible to your prospects.

There are a variety of online tools available to perform keyword research, such as Google’s free keyword research tool.

There are also more advanced tools, such as the keyword research tool provided by SEO Moz, that provided more insights into your keyword strategy.

Hub Spot also has an excellent keyword research tool built into their inbound marketing software.

Prepare to Be Surprised

When performing your keyword research, you may be surprised to discover that what your prospects search for isn’t what your website talks about.

For example, The Bavarian Restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina may have their website content optimized for terms such as these:

  • bavarian restaurant north carolina
  • bavarian restaurant nc
  • german restaurant north carolina
  • german restaurant asheville

Trouble is, extremely few people search for Bavarian or German restaurants specifically. In other words, those terms are relevant to their prospects.

With a bit of keyword research, they’ll discover that the following terms are much more relevant to their prospects:

  • restaurants asheville nc (14,800 local monthly Google searches)
  • asheville north carolina restaurants (12,100 local monthly Google searches)
  • asheville restaurants (22,200 local monthly Google searches)
  • restaurants asheville nc downtown (800 local monthly Google searches)

Knowing that, they can integrate those more relevant keywords into their website content and blog articles.

Not only will this increase their search engine rankings, but visitors will also be more likely to stay when they read content that was relevant to their search.

Integrate Key Search Terms from Your Keyword Research Into Your Website Content

You, too, should do the same on your website.

Perform keyword research to identify not what you think is important, but what your prospects actually search for when looking for your category, industry, business, product, service.

Identify the most relevant keywords, then integrate them strategically into your website pages and blog articles.

Your search engine rankings will rise, and your visitors will stay longer and be much more likely to engaged with you.

Want help getting inside your prospects’ heads? Get your free website analysis now.

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