Landing Page Optimization: Measuring Success

May 26, 2011Leave a reply

Landing page optimization makes more sense when you consider that your small business website landing page is where the real action takes place.  It may be a sales page, a video or content landing page, or an e-mail opt-in page.

Your landing page is where your website visitors go to take action.  This means it’s essential that you know how well your landing page is optimized to achieve solid traffic conversion.

Practical Ecommerce suggests these three key optimized landing page metrics to accurately measure that success:

  • Conversion Rate: This is the percentage of visitors that become leads or sales or some other desired outcome.  To determine your site’s purchase conversion rate you’ll need to use your analytic tools.  Next you’ll need to find the number of unique visitors during a given period and divide that by the number of sales transactions during that same period.  A conversion rate of 2% or less means you have room to grow your business.  Even a 1% boost in your conversion rate can equal big bucks.
  • Home Page Abandonment: It’s important to look at your landing page much as you do your home page in terms of how many visitors arrive and then bail.  With 55 percent of visitors leaving a site after the second click, your window of opportunity is short.  That number jumps to a jaw-dropping 80 percent who leave after the third click.  Strategically placed calls to action can help solve site abandonment issues.
  • Cost Per Sale: To determine the average cost per sale, you’ll need to divide your advertising costs by the amount of sales.  When considering a customer’s lifetime value, it may be worth it to take a loss up front in order to recoup much greater return by keeping the customer over time.  Once you’re successfully managing the initial cost per action, you’ll find it easier to realize big returns on the back end.

An optimized landing page will avoid the simple mistakes made by webpages that fail to capture a visitor’s attention and call them to action quickly and easily enough.

The Website Architects can show you how to put it all together in a professionally architected site that invites your visitors to click deeper and deeper.  Contact us for a free proposal.

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