When Is Your Lead Generation Web Site Finished?

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How can you know when your lead generation web site is perfect and ready to launch?

To whom should you listen to when it comes to fine-tuning your website? What should you do if someone doesn’t like it?

There’s one secret that answers all of these questions. It’s the single most important thing you can ever learn about lead generation web site creation and management.

Let me give you a hint: Your lead generation web site is never finished. It’s never perfect.

And whose advice should you heed on how your lead generation web site can be improved? Friends and family? People internal to your organization? Consultants?

All of these people may offer valuable insights. But there’s only one group of people whose insights ultimately matter — your organic website visitors.

And how can you know what they think of your site? By installing, tracking, and analyzing website analytics.

Analytics track massive amounts of website visitor patterns and data and tell you how people are interacting with your site, where they’re spending time, where they’re losing interest and leaving, places where they’re experiencing friction, etc.

A website conversion represents any action taken on the part of your website visitors that gets them closer to engaging with your economic engine, or in other words, buying from you.

It could be a download that requires them to input their information into a form, thus getting them into your database. It could be a purchase. It could be a contact requesting more information.

Your conversion rate is the single most important element to track on your lead generation web site.

If your website is not converting casual visitors into engaged community members, and community members into buyers, your website isn’t doing its job.

A good lead generation web site converts 10-30% of visitors through some call to action.

Have you figured out the secret yet? It’s as easy as ABT.

The ABT Method

Here’s the secret: Always be testing. That’s the first and most important principle you must ingrain into your business culture and marketing efforts when it comes to managing your lead generation web site.

Your lead generation web site will never be finished.

There’s no such thing as a perfect lead generation web site. And the most important feedback to listen to regarding your website is the natural feedback you receive from your visitors, in the form of analytic data.

Have a 60% bounce rate? Change an element or two on your home page, then track it for another month.

Have a 2% conversion rate? Offer a free e-book and see how much it rises. Are visitors consistently exiting your site from a particular page? Play with it and make it more effective.

This is called “conversion optimization.” There are infinite variables that can be considered, such as your website copy (text), colors, call to action buttons, where calls to action are placed, what to include in forms and what to exclude, etc.

But underlying all of that vast information is one key principle: Always be testing.

Just accept the fact that your lead generation web site isn’t good enough. It never will be.

But the real question is whether or not it’s better than the last version. Is it improving? Is your bounce rate dropping and your conversion rate rising?

Fine-tuning your lead generation web site is a process, not a destination. Build the best lead generation web site that you can. Get as much feedback as possible before launching.

But ultimately, it is your visitors that have the final say on whether or not your site is effective. Let them tell you what they like and don’t like about the site by paying attention to your analytics.

Then, keep changing elements and testing to improve your lead generation web site continually.

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