Lead Generation Website Design

Most small business websites are nothing more than static online business cards. That doesn’t cut it.

You need lead generation website design to actively and consistently produces qualified sales leads, like those we’ve built for our clients.

That requires an understanding of website conversion optimization and persona frameworking.

Website Conversion is Far More Important Than Traffic

Ignorant marketers rave that increasing your website traffic is the online marketing panacea.

“It’s just a numbers game,” they’ll tell you. “You just have to get enough people to see your site, then you’ll increase your business.”

Piffle and pooh. With lead generation website design, website conversion is far more important than traffic.

By conversion we mean a website visitor taking an action on your site that engages with you in a meaningful way, such as:

  • Purchasing a product online
  • Submitting a contact/free quote/lead generation form
  • Requesting a free demo
  • Calling your business for more information
  • Opting in to a newsletter
  • Downloading whitepapers/e-books/resources

Think about it: Would you rather have 5,000 website visits per month with a 1% conversion rate (50 leads/month), or 2,000 visits per month with a 3% conversion rate (60 leads/month)?

Focusing on increasing your traffic while neglecting your website lead generation is like desperately trying to fill a bucket that’s full of holes, rather than plugging the holes first.

This is why your website should be “architected” to optimize your website lead generation.

You can spend a lot of money on graphic design and/or technical programming/coding, but without persona frameworking (copywriting, content organization, page structure, calls to action, reducing friction, etc.) you’re pouring money down the drain.

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