To Get Your Lead Generation Website, Do You Need a Local Web Design Team?

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It’s a common misconception that you need a local web designer to build your small business lead generation website.

The truth is that you can work with any good web design team remotely — and that may actually be preferable.

We’re able to build lead generation websites for small businesses all across the country.

Consider the locations of just a few of our small business website clients:

How Do We Do It?

Global communication technology has shrunk the world and eliminated the need to work with a local web designer.

It’s very simple and hassle-free for us to work with our small business clients via teleconferencing, Skype, and email.

Is a Local Web Designer Better?

Some business owners think they’ll have more control and that they’ll get better results with their lead generation website by working with a local web design firm.

But working with a remote small business web design team can actually be better, for a few reasons:

Better Selection

By choosing a local web design team, you’re limited to a much smaller pool of talent and capability.

Would you rather choose from a dozen small business web developers, or thousands?

Will you be able to find a local team that actually knows how to build a lead generation website using persona frameworking? Will they know how to write your content to cater to website personas?

More Objective Analysis for a More Persuasive Website

As a small business owner, you want service providers to get inside your box — to really understand you.

The problem with that is that by getting inside your box, we become subject to your blind spots.

We don’t see your business objectively or from your customers’ perspectives, which inhibits our ability to make your website persuasive.

By staying outside of your box, we’re able to identify selling points and blind spots that you may not see.

We don’t work with your same assumptions, so we can see your business and approach your lead generation website with a fresh perspective.

If graphic design is all you’re looking for, then a local web designer is probably fine.

But if want a lead generation website design that really gets results, you need to find a small business web development team that writes all your content using persuasive copywriting, organizes your page structure for maximum lead generation, and understands the art and science of website lead generation.

Order your free website analysis now to experience working with our team remotely.

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