Are Lead Generation Websites Unprofessional?

December 5, 20111 Comment

In a recent bizarre email exchange I had with a freelance writer, she told me:

The kind of lead generation websites that you are creating for clients would not be appropriate in my field — that sort of site would be frowned upon.”

The implication, of course, is that a lead generation website would somehow be seen as “unprofessional.”

I responded that I didn’t understand her curious perception of lead generation websites.

There’s nothing to “frown on” about letting prospects know exactly how to engage with you and how they benefit for doing so.

It’s not cheesy or gimmicky.

It’s simply honest and effective persuasion.

It’s a very simple, straightforward, and legitimate proposition.

To use the Website Architects as an example, here are the basic points:

  1. We make your website generate qualified leads (relevant, compelling, valuable offer).
  2. Here’s proof of what we’ve done for our clients (credibility).
  3. Get your free website quote to engage with us (call to action).

(See the website lead generation “conversion trinity”).

So where’s the problem with that?

Interestingly, the whole reason her website exists in the first place is to generate new leads.

A lead generation website simply makes that process easier and more effective.

Website lead generation simply means to tell prospects why and how to engage with you — and that’s exactly what prospects are looking for.

Why would that possibly by frowned on by anyone?

In her case, her website includes the following pages:

  • Writing Samples
  • Awards
  • Clients
  • Testimonials
  • Contact

In other words, it’s a lead generation website — albeit an ineffective one.

But increasing her website lead generation would simply mean to add a few elements to appeal to specific personas, including a professional bio, a Pricing page, a Process page, and a “Get Started” page to begin with.

So you’re telling me that to answer the most burning questions asked by your prospects on your website would be “frowned upon”?!

Now, I understand there are ridiculous online marketers who have given website lead generation a bad name.

But that shouldn’t dissuade any legitimate business from building a lead generation website the right way.

Aggressively pursuing website lead generation doesn’t mean you have to be obnoxious or overbearing.

Quite the opposite — it means you have to offer something that they care about, on their terms, back it up with credibility, and simply provide a hassle- and friction-free path for them to get their desires met.

How could your prospects frown on you making the process of them meeting their needs simpler and faster?

Lead generation websites are nothing to frown on.

Rather, they simply answer your prospects questions on their terms. They give them relevant and credible value. Then they ask them to take action, and how them how to do so.

I can’t conceive of the planet on which that would be considered unprofessional.

So to anyone wanting a lead generation website that gets measurable and meaningful results, here’s my call to action: Request your free website analysis now to see how you can increase your website lead generation.

And to anyone frowning upon lead generation websites: I pity your prospects, whose questions are going unanswered.

And I pity you for losing out on website leads that are going to my clients — your competitors — instead of you.

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