Winning Hearts: the Permission Marketing Database

June 3, 2011Leave a reply

To illustrate the power of a permission marketing database, think of your instinctive reaction when a telemarketer calls or a salesman knocks on your door.

For most people it’s some variation of “Not now.  I don’t have time for this.”

An unexpected sales pitch is unwelcome because it is interruptive.

Contrast that scenario with a prospect who searches out your business online.  From the moment they land on your website, the ball is in their court.  The choice as to whether or not to do business with you depends upon whether they like what you have to offer.

If you wish to market to them, you must obtain their permission to do so.  You’ll need to persuade those prospects to share their name and email address with you by having them subscribe to receive information from you.

By clicking on your lead capture offer on your landing page, prospects are asked for their email and then emailed another link they must click on to subscribe to your content.  This means they are confirming twice that they give you permission to connect with them.

Your prospects must also be clearly reminded that their personal information will never be shared and that they may opt out any time they choose.  Your goal is to capture a recurring audience of website visitors who have given you permission to stay connected with them through technology.

This contact data, captured by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web-forms, now becomes part of your marketing database.  The content you share with your subscribers is some form of free, educational, valuable, and highly relevant content that’s provided free of charge.

It can be as simple as a monthly newsletter, regularly sent to an engaged, ready-built audience of individuals who have given you explicit permission to market to them.

Cultivating your relationship with your permission database marketing subscribers creates a long term source of website traffic and revenue.  Because unlike those intrusive telemarketers or door to door salesmen, the people in your database like you–they really like you.

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