Persona Frameworking

Using our persona frameworking process is just one of our competitive advantages.

Persona frameworking allows each visitor to experience your website on his or her terms, to navigate how they want to, not how you think they should.

It eliminates confusion and resistance. It pulls — never pushes — them through your website and persuades them on their terms.

It gets visitors into your sales funnel through various touch points so you can cultivate them over time, rather than losing them forever when they bounce out.

Bottom line: More website visitors become leads, and more leads become sales.

Your website content will be written and organized using persona frameworking, which boils down to the following three questions:

  1. Who are you trying to persuade to take the action?
  2. What is the action you want someone to take?
  3. What does that person need in order to feel confident taking that action?

The Two Most Critical Elements Ignored By Most Web Designers

A professional business website requires four elements: 1) technical programming, 2) graphic design, 3) copywriting, and 4) architecture.

Copywriting and architecture together comprise persona frameworking. These elements are far more important than technical programming and graphic design.

No matter how good your site looks, without proper frameworking it won’t convert visitors into leads and sales.

Frameworking includes the following components:

  • Main navigation bar
  • Drop-down (or sub-navigation) menu items
  • Page layouts
  • Copywriting and content organization
  • Hyperlink structure
  • Lead-generation forms
  • Sales and checkout processes
  • Elements strategically placed to cater to specific personas

Unlike books, websites are not linear, chronological, or two-dimensional. They are interactive, multi-dimensional. Website visitors jump around from page to page, seemingly with no predictable pattern.

Designed For Real People With Defined Needs

Every visitor approaches your site with different needs, a unique perspective, and distinctive navigational preferences.

Despite the appearance of unpredictability, all website visitors do follow generally predictable navigational patterns and processes. These patterns are determined by personas.

We help you craft real personas from real customers of your business, which include details like their job, worries, family, needs, values, goals, and desires.

We want to know each of them so well that we can write and organize your website as if we were having a personal conversation with them.

Let us get inside your customers’ heads. Request your free website quote now.