Persuasive Website Architecture Adds the Personal Touch

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Why do some gifts leave us teary-eyed with gratitude while others seem to fall flat?

The gifts that move us are those that show serious personal thought. Gifts that feel impersonal may still be shiny and new, but still lack a sense of personal thoughtfulness.

This same concept of “it’s the thought that counts” can be applied to improve your website persuasion.

A newly-designed business website may be aesthetically pleasing and technically sound, but will lose visitors to a high bounce rate if they fail to find a personal connection.

With a persuasive website, your goal is to pull them deeper into your site by establishing a sense of personal connection.

The more genuine the connection, the more likely they’ll be converted to website leads.

This requires a degree of thoughtfulness in how your persuasive website personally engages each prospect.

Website Architecture is the method by which different website personas can be given a  personalized welcome to your website that answers their questions and establishes trust.

It allows them to see that you’ve given deep consideration to their needs. This is how to create a persuasive website.

This involves far more than simply creating a pretty website.  Any teenager with a computer and a bit of savvy can do that for you in a weekend.

Website architecture combines the power of sharp graphic design with flawless technical execution, and personally compelling content in a way that resonates with each individual customer for a more persuasive website.

Every prospect approaches your small business website with different needs, motivations and preferences. You must be able to persuade them, on their own terms, to stay and click deeper and deeper instead of bouncing away.

The better your website architecture, the better connection with your customers, and the more website leads you’ll convert into sales.

Your properly-architected and persuasive website is a gift you give your customers that ends up being a gift to yourself.

Let us help you take the first step to optimizing your website for better lead generation.

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