Persuasive Website Copywriting: Move Them to Action

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Of all the essential elements of a well-architected lead generation website, it’s persuasive website copywriting that moves your website visitors to action.

This includes knowledge of psychology, how to tap into emotions, the difference between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the 3 levels of memory, just to name a few.

Here are a few key techniques for persuasive website copywriting to call your prospects to action:

The WIIFM Rule– The primary question on a visitor’s mind is “What’s in it for me?” This means your website must do more than simply tell about your business, it must explain what your business can do for the customer.  How you’ll meet their needs.  What the net benefits are to them if they use you.  It’s especially important that your home page communicate the value you’re offering them.

Translate Features Into Benefits– Your customers don’t really care about the features themselves, they care about how those features will benefit them.  The all wheel drive power-train with a 275 horsepower engine and adjustable sport suspension in a vehicle are features.  The benefits are how the vehicle laughs at snow & rain and is as fleet and surefooted on curvy canyon roads as a cheetah on steroids.  See the difference?

Instill the Vision– People do not take action until they’ve envisioned it in their minds.  This means your customers must be able to envision what it’s like to interact with your business.  Your website copy must persuade and inspire their senses to take action in reality.

Exploit Verbs– Using verbs to make your copy POP in the minds of your visitors will safeguard your copy from falling into the trap of being predictable.  Mastering the use of verbs will also convert passive content into active content that catches the eye and engages the mind.

Persuasive website copywriting is the bugle that calls your customers to rally around your standard.  It starts with focusing on your customers and their needs.

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