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ShelterWorks: Manufacturer of Faswall®


Effective Student Marketing


Strategic Franchising Systems, Inc.


Art of Sharp: Chicago Knife Sharpening by Frank Surace


Palms Tree Service


Anapelli Hair Clinic

Dr. John Frank, a New York hair loss and hair restoration expert, had a website built and maintained by a search engine optimization company.

The site generated a healthy amount of traffic, but his conversion rate and lead generation were dismal.

It was a classic case of the SEO tail wagging the dog of usability and conversion. The page structure was extremely cumbersome and confusing. Users couldn’t get their questions answered or find how to engage with Dr. Frank.

We performed persona frameworking to do a complete redesign. We revamped his navigation structure and rewrote and reorganized all his content.

Here were his vital statistics for the two months before we launched the new site:

  • 2,318 total visits
  • 1,861 unique visitors
  • 7,457 page views
  • 34 conversions

Here are his statistics from the two months after launching the new site, with the percentage improvement from our efforts:

  • 5,039 total visits: 117.39% increase
  • 4,341 unique visitors: 133.26% increase
  • 10,599 page views: 42.13% increase
  • 71 conversions: 108.82% increase

Bottom line: Within two months Dr. Frank was generating more than twice the amount of leads as he was receiving from his old website.

Cedar Storage

Before they worked with us, Cedar Storage rentals had a basic website, but it only had six pages and hardly any content.

After interviewing them and performing full persona frameworking, we completely re-built their site with 31 pages of content, written both for search engine optimization by performing thorough keyword research, and to cater to all four personas.

The previous month, on their old site, they had:

  • 240 total visits
  • 575 total page views
  • 2.4 pages per visit on average
  • 1:57 average time spent on the site

The month after launching their new site their numbers increased to:

  • 341 total visits (42.08% traffic increase)
  • 1,188 total page views (106.6% increase)
  • 3.48 pages per visit (45% increase)
  • 3:22 average time spent on the site (72.3% increase)

Owner David Crowther says:

The Website Architects were fast and right to the point…Our traffic is up and we are getting many more internet referrals and traffic in general. The site looks good but does what it should do as well.” Read More »

Secondary Market Annuities

Owner of Secondary Market Annuities Tom Hamlin had a large email database to which he emailed weekly offers of secondary market annuities.

But he needed a website to accomplish four primary goals:

  1. Provide more details on each individual offering.
  2. Sell more secondary market annuities.
  3. Get more people to join his mailing list to receive new offers.
  4. Educate clients and prospects, particularly by getting them to download his SMA Buyer’s Guide.

Four months after we built and launched his site, he’s benefited from the following:

  • The “Reserve Now” button to start the process of buying an SMA has been clicked by visitors 338 times. (This doesn’t track actual sales, but is indicative of critical activity.)
  • His page for highlighting offers and purchasing SMAs has received 8,388 unique visits, and the average time spent on the page is 8:35.
  • He’s added 55 new people to his mailing list (14/month on average).
  • His SMA Buyer’s Guide has been downloaded 139 times.

Tom says:

…I love how sharp, professional, and cutting-edge my website turned out. Best of all, it gets real results. I’m getting qualified leads and building my database more rapidly than ever! The site has made it much easier to get the word out on our financial products and the positive feedback we’ve received from clients and prospects alike has been wonderful…” Read More »

REIC Global

A real estate investment company, REIC Global had thrown up a basic website with just a few pages before we met them.

They needed a completely new website to promote their programs and build their database.

Since launching their website, 489 visitors have downloaded their free gift to join their mailing list and 172 people have signed up for their investment program from the website.

Also, a major goal was to get visitors to view one of their seminar videos to educate them. Their seminar page has received 6,300 visits since launching.

Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth

REIC Global founder Kris Krohn needed a website to promote his book, The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth.

Understanding that building his database is more valuable in the long-term than selling books, he decided to give away a free digital copy of the book to build his database. He also offered a variety of other free, lead-generating resources, including an investment calculator and bonus downloads.

Since launching the site in May of 2010, the website has received a total of 3,393 visits. 756 visitors have downloaded the digital book, 231 have downloaded the bonus resources, and 154 have completed the calculator.

That’s 1,141 conversions for a total website conversion rate of 34%.

Apartment Aces

In the case of Chris Leschber, owner of Apartment Aces, his graphic design was fine and his website was built on WordPress, so to save him money we recommended he keep the design.

He was getting zero leads from the website. He was frustrated with his old web designer, who took forever to complete basic updates and rarely communicated with him.

Within a few weeks we performed full persona frameworking to completely rewrite his content, restructure his navigation, and add more pages.

After re-launching his updated website, he’s averaged 15 website leads per month.

Because he did nothing to drive website traffic, the first month after launching his site only received 137 visits, of which only 26% came from organic search.

Because of our search engine optimization copywriting, within four months his traffic was up to 589 monthly visits, of which 51.27% came from organic search — a 77% traffic increase.

Most recently, his website received 870 monthly visits, which generated 34 highly-qualified leads.

Watch Chris’s Video Testimonial »

Oliver DeMille

An educator, author, speaker, and consultant, Oliver DeMille needed a thought leadership and e-commerce platform to spread his content and sell his products.

We built his website with a blog, email marketing download form with valuable downloads, and an e-commerce solution.

Since his e-commerce solution doesn’t allow us to track conversions on product sales, we only have conversion data for building his database via downloads.

Since launching his site in late September of 2010, the website has added 610 people to his email marketing database, for a total website conversion rate of 6.3% (again, not accounting for product sales, and note that a typical website conversion rate is 1-2%).

The Coming Aristocracy

Oliver DeMille wanted a website to promote his book, The Coming Aristocracy.

His goals were two-fold: 1) sell his book, and 2) build his email marketing database. We recommended that he give away valuable downloads to build his database.

Since he hasn’t done much to drive traffic, so he’s only received an average of 122 monthly visits since launching.

Also, his initial e-commerce solution didn’t allow us to track conversions on sales.

So without even calculating sales into his conversion rate, the website has added 435 people to his email marketing database, for a total website conversion rate of 11.8%.

Four Lost American Ideals

Another of Oliver DeMille’s products, “The Four Lost American Ideals” website was also set up to sell the audio recording and build Oliver’s email marketing database.

Since launching the website in January 2010 he hasn’t driven much traffic, so he’s only received an average of 177 visits per month to the site.

Still, he’s sold 123 MP3 downloads and 2 CDs, and has added 124 people to his email marketing database for a total website conversion rate of 6.34%.

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