Our Process

Here’s the process for engaging with us and architecting your website:

1. Get Your Free Website Analysis

Your website analysis will demonstrate our expertise and give you an idea of how we can improve your website.

2. Request a Free Website Quote

Request your free, no-obligation quote here.

Our consultant will contact you immediately to discuss your needs.

3. Discuss Your Proposal

We’ll present your proposal within 2 business days of your quote request (depending on your cooperation, of course). We’ll explain everything thoroughly, discuss your options, and you’ll choose which options you want to pursue.

Specifically, we’ll determine how many and which of the “12 Essential Elements of Lead-Generating Websites” to integrate into your website.

4. Contract Signed, Then Meet With Your Project Manager & Copywriter

After getting a contract in place, along with a 50% deposit, your project manager will meet with you for further fact-finding.

Plan on about an hour for this meeting. We’ll dig deep so that we thoroughly understand your business, competitive advantages, complete “story,” and industry.

We’ll also determine the style of graphic design your website should have.

Your project manager will then meet with you at least once a week throughout the process.

5. Craft Personas

With your help, we’ll then craft 3-4 specific website personas based on real customers of your business.

This is the foundation of our persona frameworking methodology.

6. Further Fact-Finding, Content Writing & Organization, Graphic Design

By this point (1-2 weeks from signing a contract) our team is deep in the trenches researching, writing your content, creating your page structure, and designing your website.

You’ll receive three general graphic design concepts to choose from. Once you’ve chosen one, we’ll fine-tune it as needed.

7. Integrate Graphic Design & Special Features & Functionality

Once your pages are created and copywriting is complete, we’ll then begin integrating your graphic design.

We’ll then work on special features and functionality, such as a free download to build your database, integrating webforms from your email marketing or CRM software, adding social media icons, installing analytics, adding lead capture webforms, building a product store, adding a member login, etc.

8. First Draft Presented, Revisions, Then Final Draft

Next, we’ll unveil your site. This is your opportunity to request any changes. We’ll make those changes, then show you the final version.

9. Final Payment Collected, Site Goes Live

Once you’ve signed off on the final version, we’ll collect the remaining 50%, at which point your site goes live and you officially launch.

According to the terms of our money-back guarantee, you’ll then have 15 days to request any final changes or to get your money back.