SEO Fundamentals: Satisfying Search Engines & Customers

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Somewhere a customer is searching for your business at this moment. If your website lacks the proper SEO fundamentals, they’re not likely to find you.

The content on your website must speak to both the people searching for you and the search engines they’re using to find you. Your only hope of persuading and converting your site visitors is for them to find you in the first place.

This requires content that incorporates SEO fundamentals yet remains reader-friendly.

Four rules of thumb come into play when writing copy that satisfies the needs of people and search engines:

Speak the Language of the Audience- When it comes to web page quality, search engines ultimately match up what a page is about with what people are searching for. Your web copywriting must match up the the words the searchers are using. You must mirror the language of your intended audience.

Content Landing Pages- These are the pages where your site’s cornerstone content gives site visitors the most fundamental information about your small business. It’s a virtual table of contents of the most important topics related to your small business. It’s also a great place to share the links that boost your search ranking.

Enhanced Readability- It’s not necessary to stuff your web pages with keywords to give search engines what they need. The key here is to optimize your content in such a way that it tells the search engines you have what people are seeking. When combined with logical, informative content that promotes linking to your site, your rankings and conversions will begin to rise.

Compelling Content- Search engines focus on the words people use when linking to your site’s anchor text, to get a feel for what’s on your site. Link attraction is essential. To get people to link to your site, your content must be thought-provoking, engaging and valuable.

SEO fundamentals are among the essential elements of an effective lead conversion website. If your content is relevant to what prospects are searching for, more visitors will find you and stay longer on your website.

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