Use Strategic Website Copywriting to Conquer 2 Ruthless Meters In Your Prospects’ Brains

July 19, 20119 Comments

If you can’t move the needle on two deeply-embedded mental meters with your website copywriting, you’re sunk.

But if you learn how to bounce those needles with strategic website copywriting, you’ll bask in a surge of new, qualified website leads.

These two meters are:

  1. The “Who Cares?” Meter. According to a 2008 Yankelovich Research study, consumers are exposed to 5,000 marketing messages per day. How will you stand out?
  2. The “Bulls@*t” Meter. With this barrage of marketing messages, consumers are more sensitive than ever to chest-thumping hyperbole, unsubstantiated claims, and corporate gobbledygook.

How to Move the Needle on the “Who Cares?” Meter

It all comes down to relevance.

A few technique for becoming more relevant:

1. Speak to Felt Needs with Your Website Copywriting

In other words, speak to your website visitors in their language about things they care about.

2. Provide a Big, Highly-Beneficial Offer

Offer something so irresistible that anyone in need of your product or service simply cannot refuse.

For example, in our case our prospects are small business owners who want to generate more website leads.

We offer our free website analysis. 4-6 pages of custom, detailed, specific recommendations to help small business owners generate more qualified website leads.

What can you offer in your business to make your competitors’ jaws bang holes in the floor and make your prospects come running, waving money in the air?

What do your website visitors actually care about? Are you speaking to that with your website copywriting, or are you answering questions no one is asking?

3. Translate Your Features Into Benefits For Your Customers

Demonstrate how your competitive advantages benefit your customers.

The website copywriting for a data center company website we reviewed was all about themselves, their new state-of-the-art facility of which they’re very proud.

It’s fine to be proud of and to highlight your competitive advantages.

But it needs to be done strategically so that the focus is always on benefits to customers, not “look at how cool we are.”

We recommended they change their home page copy to something like so (translated benefits underlined):

We invested $150M in a new state-of-the-art data center to give you greater peace of mind. Our master-planned data center features redundant power, network feeds, and water lines to safeguard your precious data. The result for you: Less downtime, greater security, increased savings. Learn more about how we make your company safer and more productive.

4. Focus On the Customer, Not Yourself

Suppose you’re on a date. How attractive is it when your date spends the entire night talking about themselves, rather than being focused on you?

And why would you think this principle would be any different than your website messages?

Here’s an example from the website of an online data backup company we reviewed:

[X Company] is…the category leader and one of the most established SaaS vendors in the market.”

It’s company-centric chest-thumping, as well as unsubstantiated claims.

Not to mention they’re speaking industry jargon without translating it into why prospects should care; it’s meaningless to prospects, and therefore has no impact. Those are just wasted words.

How to Move the Needle on the “Bulls@*t” Meter

In a word: credibility.

A few ways to demonstrate credibility:

1. Substantiate Claims With Facts, Data, Statistics

Never spout claims without backing them with proof.

Speak the language of honesty, not hyperbole.

Another example from the same online data backup company:

[X Company] is the most awarded, and best performing backup system.”

“Most awarded” could probably be proven, yet it’s not on their website.

But “best performing”? Based on what parameters? Says who? The company? And who else?

There’s zero credibility when a company says they’re the best — unless they substantiate the claim with facts, proof, data, industry awards, etc.

Another example from the same company:

It is also one of the most recommended online backup software.”

Say what? How could you prove that? Whose recommendations? Tech reviewers with vested interests? Actual users? In which case, how can you possibly substantiate that?

These types of claims set the Bulls@*t alarm clanging, red lights flashing.

2. Case Studies & Testimonials

Show proof that your solution actually works, and share what actual users say about your experience.

WARNING: For them to be effective, testimonials must be raw, unscripted, unedited. There’s nothing like a “polished” testimonial to set off the Bulls@*t alarm.

3. Authenticity/Transparency

Have the guts to admit your downside, rather than blaring obnoxious hyperbole.

Instant trust and credibility.

Strategic, persuasive website copywriting can move the needle on the “Who Cares?” Meter and the “Bulls@*t” Meter.

And once you’ve done that, qualified website leads are certain to follow.

Get your free website analysis to see what else you can improve on your website.

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