Website Architecture

There are three ways to build a website. Two of them are wrong — yet they’re the most common.

Our competitive advantage: We don’t just design websites. We build lead generation websites using our intensive persona frameworking methodology for conversion optimization.

And we back our work with an audacious, money-back guarantee.

Wrong Way #1: Focus on Graphic Design

You get a rockstar graphic designer to strut his stuff.

Result: Your website looks snazzy, but visitors don’t care enough to work with you.

Wrong Way #2: Focus on Technical Programming/Coding

You hire a geek who makes the back-end coding and functionality tight. Your geek drools and cackles.

Result: The front end—what visitors actually see — is bland and bare.

The Right Way: Persona Architecture for Website Lead Generation

You commission our team to architect your site using our thorough persona frameworking methodology and integrating the 12 essential elements of a lead-generating website.

Result: Your website looks great, functions perfectly, and converts website visitors into leads for your business.

Architecture is profoundly more important than good design on the front end and good functionality on the back end. But almost no web designers know how to do it.

Persona frameworking is how your website content is written and organized to cater to specific website “personas” with different perspectives and questions.

It’s based on tested web psychology. It pulls visitors in. Makes them click deeper and deeper. Answers their questions. Converts them into leads and sales on their terms.

Don’t just “design” or “build” your website. Hire our team to architect it. We write your story and organize your content so well you’ll think we own your business.

Our clients appreciate our detailed approach and predictable, hassle-free process that requires minimal effort on their part.

Explore our portfolio to sample our work.

You’ll be amazed by what your website can do for you.