Increase Your Website Lead Generation By Building a Database

May 16, 20111 Comment

In the Information Age, information isn’t just power. It’s life. Especially for small business website lead generation.

Now that the nature of marketing has shifted the power to buyers over sellers, new marketing strategies are required for more effective and cost-efficient website lead generation.

Something that hasn’t changed is that every business needs to make sales and needs people to sell to.

A key strategy today is a database of customers to whom you can market. But not all databases are created equal. Building a proper database takes time.

Which leads some to ask: “Why not just purchase a huge list of names and email addresses and start from there?”

Here are four solid reasons from explaining why that’s a risky move:

  1. The addresses on those lists get sold to all kinds of marketers. So they get all kinds of mail. So, they lodge all kinds of spam complaints. If ISPs like Gmail and Hotmail notice, they might put you on a blacklist, blocking your emails from all their users in the future.
  2. Because of the way these lists are compiled, many of the addresses you receive will be misspelled, abandoned or non-existent. When a big chunk of your emails goes to such addresses, ISPs, again, might notice. Again, they might block all future emails from you. List merchants know this. It’s such a sure thing, they even offer a refund of credit for those addresses up-front.
  3. And if you’re sending through an email service provider and you get blocked, other messages they send from the same IP address could also be blocked. So you’ll actually find that no reputable ESP will let you import a purchased list anyway.
  4. Unprepared recipients aren’t likely to think, “Oh gosh, I was just hoping for yet another offer from a company I don’t know! Let me click over to their site and buy something!”

So what’s the better way?

One of the most powerful tools a small business can wield to increase their website lead generation is a permission-based database of customer information.

This is the seed crop that will provide your company with long term, lifetime customers if you protect it and use it wisely.

This means that you must capture customer information in the right way and never ever abuse the trust of those customers.

When encouraging people to sign up for free content on your website, they must understand exactly what they’re signing up to receive.

How often will you contact them? Can they opt out at any time? They must know these answers before they click.

Confirmed opt in is the preferred way to gain your customer’s permission to share high quality content with them. This method ensures that the customer really wants to receive your information.

Once you have that vital customer information, you must treat it as a sacred trust and never share it for short term profit. Those customers are now part of your community and must never be taken for granted.

Hub Mentality requires a more genuine, long term approach.

By persuasively pulling customers into your community, you first gain their permission and then their trust. This ultimately increases your website lead generation.

But above all, you gain lifetime customers. Isn’t that what we were after all along?

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