Increase Your Website Lead Generation By Catering to Search Engines

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The most common online activity after email is search.

This is of critical importance to small business owners who want better website lead generation. Searchers are focused and highly motivated when they hit a website.

This means they’re already far more likely to buy.

If your small business website provides the information prospects are looking for, there’s an excellent chance of increasing your website lead generation.

When building a small business website for website lead generation, you must understand how search technology works in order to optimize your website lead generation.

Let’s examine 3 of the basic components of search engines from Copyblogger founder Brian Clark.

  1. Crawling: These are bits of computer code that crawl spider-like around the web sampling content and following links from your page to other pages. In order for your page to be indexed and ranked, the spider must be able to see and understand your content.
  2. Indexing: The spider saves and stores your content in a giant database for the future benefit of searchers seeking your type of content. It also gauges how relevant your content is compared to the words searchers are using to find information.
  3. Ranking: The search software follows a complex set of algorithmic rules to compare the relevance of your content to that of other sites that might relate to a searcher’s query.

Brian Clark describes search engines as:

“bright little toddlers who need information delivered to them in a way that works for them.”

This means that to increase your website lead generation, your content must relate to the searchers as well as to the search engine that leads them to you.

To do this, a great small business website designer will spoon-feed the search engines what they need while simultaneously letting the searcher find you with the language they use while searching.

The website information architecture of a site is the foundation that brings all the correct elements together in order to lead the people searching for your website to the right place.

And once they’ve landed at your site, proper website architecture keeps them there long enough to begin the website lead generation process.

The Website Architects will show you how to optimize your small business website to connect with the searchers who are looking for you.

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