Our Team

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Brady Uselman: Internet Profit Strategist, Project Manager

Brady Uselman loves connecting big ideas with the hairy details.

He’s been an internet strategist since 2007 and project manager since 2004. Initially out of the gate he joined a Web 2.0 startup company, entering the school of hard knocks with ignorance and youthful zeal. He learned the difficulties of launching a game-changing technology company and benefited greatly by going from start to failure.

Today, his focus is on creating viable and scalable online business solutions for companies as an internet profit strategist. Brady’s formal educational training was as a scientist, with minor emphasis in Mathematics and Computer Science. Today, he applies the scientific method daily when doing data analysis and market research. Getting grounded in the data is something Brady enjoys.

Additionally, Brady spends his time in keeping tabs on the moving tectonics of information surrounding internet marketing. With every Google update, technology breakthrough, societal adaptation and social media shift requires a change in the proprietary business processes underpinning The Website Architect’s model. Additionally Brady is a huge fan of the Pragmatic Marketing model which places the market’s problems at the forefront of sales, marketing and product innovation. While this can sound cliche, Brady has found that most people simply guess at what the customer needs, rather than really dig in and find out.

In his spare time, Brady enjoys working on his Victorian home in Salt Lake City, Utah. He enjoys gardening, camping, reading and travel. On random days throughout the year, Brady dreams of owning a condo where nothing needs to be fixed and no lawn needs to be mowed. Learn more at BradyUselman.com

Teako Warfield-Graham: Strategic Campaign Design and Content Marketing

Teako Warfield-Graham, persuasion architectTeako’s goal is to help clients gain atten­tion and find success in the com­pet­i­tive dig­i­tal global marketplace. She is highly trained in the areas of perception design and targeted campaign planning. This includes branding tactics, social media, strategic blogging and developing optimized content with the goal of driving action and/or conversion. With that, she has han­dled design, copywriting and public relations projects on behalf of companies from the Mountain-West, Cal­i­for­nia, to London, UK.

Highlights of Teako’s career include: inter­na­tional expe­ri­ence while work­ing for an adver­tis­ing firm in Lon­don, UK. She earned three CUNA mar­ket­ing awards in San Diego, CA, on behalf of her work as designer at one of Utah’s top 10 finan­cial firms. Teako was invited by VentureCapital.org to join a men­tor­ship panel to review the presentations of high growth technology start-ups on the road to fund­ing—providing feedback in the areas of commu­ni­ca­tion, copy­writ­ing and design. To date, Teako owns Mod Creative Services, LLC specializing in branding, design, videography and campaign strategy. She joins the The Website Architects utilizing her areas of expertise with their unique and effective style method of driving success for clients.

Teako’s personal interests include international relations, travel & culture. On that note, she has studied in the United Kingdom, Austria and Czech Republic. She contributed design work for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. And is working toward fluency in french—recently completing intense language courses in Montréal, Canada. Teako holds a BA degree in Strategic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion from the Uni­ver­sity of Utah empha­siz­ing in Public Relations and Art Tech­nol­ogy and an AS Degree in Visual Art and Design. She has been affil­i­ated with AIGA, INCOGRADA and PRSA.

Randall Hinton: Developer/Technical Advisor

The whir of computer fans and the clicking of keyboard keys his true and constant friends, Randall spends the wee morning hours compiling ones and zeros into pieces of functionally coded art.

Randall has more than a decade of IT experience, ranging from Independent Consultant to Systems Administrator and IT manager for Public and Private entities. He brings a well-rounded perspective to your project’s technical considerations to make your custom solutions effective and affordable.

Randall loves learning new and innovative ways to make websites more functional and easier to navigate. He helps clients create the best possible technical solutions for persuasion and conversion.

He worked for three years as the Washington County, Utah webmaster and systems administrator.

He contracted with the city of St. George, Utah to build their Building Inspector’s Permit Tracking system. This included bringing in old data, which consisted of a few hundred thousand rows of data, and then building the system to handle hundreds of thousands of more rows of data.

He also built the back-end content management system for a digital signage advertising system (Market Wax), dealing with thousands of rows of data being added and managed every day.

Along with his obvious passion for technology, Randall delights in spending time with his angelic wife Becky and their five animated children. He enjoys reading, agricultural husbandry, political philosophy, and occasionally outplaying his wife at Ticket to Ride.