Website Persuasion Requires Ongoing Content Creation

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You’re doing all the right things for effective website persuasion.

You’re using the power of the web to market your small business online.

You’ve built a persuasive website that’s rich in keywords, SEO, and back-links.

Your permission database is growing.

You’re using social media to connect with potential customers online.

You may not realize it, but you’ve also picked up a new job title: You’re now a publisher of content.

Online content creation is an essential part of the value you’re offering your customers for website persuasion. The useful information you provide is what keeps prospects and customers coming back to your site.

CC Chapman, the author of Content Rules has some timely advice:

“The hardest thing is you really need to figure out what you want to create. Because let’s face it, content is a beast. Once you start doing it, to do it right, this is not a one and done thing. This isn’t, oh, we’re going to set up the website and then forget about it. This is something that has to become part of your core DNA, that you keep doing on a regular basis”

The good news according to Chapman is that your content doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective. It will improve with time, but a few rough edges here and there actually show authenticity.

You’ll need to consider how your customers consume content. Do they need a snack or a five-course meal?

If you’re having trouble creating new content, it may be time to ask yourself “What else can we do with existing content?” You’ll want to repurpose your content — not just recycle.

Here is where content curation can help you pull together relevant content for better website persuasion.

This is done by pulling together content from the top resources from your industry to supplement the content you’re already producing.

Be sure to link back to the originals and add your own comments as to why you’re sharing it.

Chapman cautions that content curation is not a replacement for content creation.

Your content can be in the form of blog articles, online videos, e-books, white papers, podcasts, etc. The goal is to increase your website persuasion — pull people into your community by earning their trust.

It may take some time to get going, but publishing substantial and valuable content that engages and educates your target audience is critical to building your hub and increasing your website persuasion.

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