For Website Persuasion, Copywriting is More Important than Design

April 11, 2011Leave a reply

I was once holding my one-year-old daughter while my three year old was watching a movie.

Of course, my one year old is never interested in TV and I was thinking about why.

Then it hit me — since she can’t understand the dialogue, plot, and characters, TV is nothing but a series of colorful, flashing images to her.

While babies are drawn to such things, they also become quickly bored and move onto something else. They’re not engaged in the story line, the drama, the human connection born of communication.

Your website visitors are the same — if all they see is a pretty design, without understanding the character (you), the dialogue (what you do), and the plot (the persuasive process), they’re going to become bored and click out without engaging with you.

I’ve seen too many sites that have world-class design but poorly written, and/or incomplete, content.

Conversely, I’ve also witnessed many poorly-designed but well-written sites that are lead generating machines.

Website persuasion and conversion have far less to do with graphic design and far more to do with the written message and proper navigation and architecture.

Quality design is pretty, but you must capture more than your visitors eyes — you must win their hearts. They must engage with your story and be pulled through a natural process, or a “plot development.”

Do they relate with you? Is your content relevant to their needs on their terms? Does it present the drama of unpredictability that keeps them moving forward? Are they riveted throughout the process, or do they drop out quickly?

Without professional copywriting, your beautifully-designed website is nothing but TV to a baby; interesting for a few seconds, but not engaging enough for them to spend time with you.

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