Why We Use WordPress for Business Websites

July 25, 20111 Comment

In a recent LinkedIn email discussion I explained to a man why we build on WordPress for business websites.

He responded:

I hear it’s not that powerful of a platform, except in the blogging world.”

I’m always baffled by this perception of WordPress.

While it may have started as primarily a blog platform, due to its open-source nature it’s fundamentally evolved over time.

Now, instead of being just a blog platform with some Content Management System (CMS) capabilities, it’s a complete CMS with integrated blog functionality.

I’m convinced it’s the most robust, functional, versatile, and user-friendly CMS on the market.

Heavy emphasis on “user-friendly” — especially when using WordPress for business websites.

Small business owners want control and ease of use, and they often can’t afford to hire a web administrator.

You have to be a geek to manage the Joomla and Drupal Content Management Systems, while anyone can pick up the basics of WordPress quickly.

You can do virtually everything you need using WordPress for business websites, whether through plugins, integration with WordPress-compatible software products, or custom coding.

This includes the following, and much, much more:

  • Custom graphic design and layout
  • Sidebar widgets
  • E-commerce/product store functionality
  • Image galleries & slideshows
  • Podcasting/audio file management
  • Automatic social media sharing
  • Language translation
  • Forums
  • Polls
  • Online reservations

If WordPress doesn’t do it, it’s simple to integrate custom code.

For example, check out this custom-coded page for annuity listings we created for our client, Secondary Market Annuities.

For an example of an advanced plugin, check out the real estate listing function we integrated for our client, Real Estate Marketplace.

Examples of WordPress for Business Websites

For proof of how robust and versatile WordPress can be for business websites, check out the WordPress showcase, which features popular and unique business websites built on WordPress.

Here are just a handful to demonstrate the possibilities of using WordPress for business websites:

Also check out this WordPress infographic and the WordPress Wikipedia page.

Why Use WordPress for Business Websites

Here are a few reasons why we strongly recommend WordPress for business websites:

  • Easy to Manage & Update: Ideally, business websites must be constantly analyzed and updated for ongoing conversion optimization. WordPress allows you to make content and layout changes or to add new pages quickly and easily without requiring a web administrator, without knowing HTML code. It makes data-driven businesses and marketers nimble and adaptive.
  • Search Engine Optimization: WordPress is optimized for SEO right out of the box. The SEO benefit can be improved with a plugin or two, but the basic WordPress platform is an excellent start. This is confirmed by Google’s Matt Cutts, who says WordPress is “made to do SEO well.” Watch this video of Matt Cutts giving tips to small business owners.
  • Advanced Functionality & Versatility With Plugins: There are thousands of developers across the world who are constantly creating new WordPress “plugins”. Think of WordPress as a home with electrical outlets, and plugins being appliances that add to the home’s functionality. You can add contact forms, polls, image galleries, ratings or hundreds of other useful features without having to hire a web developer.
  • Support: Because it’s become so popular and ubiquitous, there are thousands of WordPress tutorials and educational resources, not to mention scores of designers and web developers who specialize in WordPress.
  • One-Click Installation: Many hosting companies offer a one-click installation of WordPress, so you can be up and running quickly and smoothly.

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