What Worked In 1996 Isn’t Good Enough for Your Website Today

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On April 1, 2011, Hulu.com gave visitors to its website a great joke and serious lesson in the same April Fools prank.

The popular video website turned the clock back to 1996 complete with grainy photos, dial-up modems, website counters and shout-outs to Netscape Navigator and Geocities.

It was a perfect illustration of just how far website development has progressed.  The prank also illustrated the critical importance of keeping your small business website up to date.

Here are six simple questions to determine if your small business website is out of date:

  1. Is the logo on your small business website in tune with the rest of your branding? The professionalism and credibility of your image requires consistency that reflects your current branding.
  2. Is the content on your website dynamic and does it change on a regular basis? Search engines reward those pages that remain active with fresh, relevant and regularly updated content.
  3. Is your small business website built in Flash? Search engines are less likely to pick up Flash sites and the image-heavy structure struggles to load on most smart phones and even the iPad.
  4. Does most of your website text appear as images rather than HTML? Image-based text requires time and money to update.  Images are also a significant barrier to Search Engine Optimization, especially compared to HTML.
  5. Are prospects calling to ask questions that your small business website could be answering? A properly architected website anticipates the questions your visitors are bringing with them.  Your navigation structure should enable visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly.
  6. Does your current site prevent users from accessing information on their smart phones or iPads? More than ever, consumers are relying upon their phones to access the web.  If your website is frustrating your customers with display issues, it’s time to bring it up to date.

What was good enough in 1996 doesn’t come close to what is required for website lead generation today. 

Quality small business websites require a clear understanding of website architecture and how to invite visitors to click deeper and deeper instead of bouncing away.

The Website Architects are eager to show you how it’s done.  Contact us for a free quote.

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